The ceiling drilling robot


Precision and continuity

Drills precise and continuous series of holes in concrete ceilings based on construction drawings or BIM models.


Carefully registers every hole and sequence drilled, keeping drawings and BIM models up to date.


Handles holes for electrical, mechanical, plumbing and ventilation supports and hangers.


Keeps the construction site super clean by using an industrial vacuum cleaner connected to the tool.


On site 


Fully adapted to the construction industry, our robots are currently in demand by MEP-contractors all over the world.

On site our robots provide precise drilling in construction site ceilings, controlled and guided by an easy-to-use app and laser.

Our robots work safely and continuously alongside construction workers, ensuring a great workflow and a faster project completion.





Become a project partner

Our robotic software and robot units are versatile and can be adapted to solve new tasks and construction challenges.

We are constantly developing and adapting our robots to solve new tasks and reduce strain on construction workers.

If you would like our assistance in solving a construction challenge, get in touch with us or read more about our projects.


About nLink 

nLink was founded in 2012 with the goal of revolutionizing the construction industry. We have since received several awards for our ground breaking, ceiling drilling robot and with great ambition we are now looking to expand our product range and partner network. Our headquarter is in Sogndal, on the West Coast of Norway and we have an office in Oslo.


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